Eryone Thinker- The first supper quiet smart 3D printer works with Amazon Alexa



Smart and remote control: Eryone Thinker is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. With those smart device, you can monitor and remotely control your 3D printer, timing turn on or turn off it.

Magnetic and flexible printing surface: With many magnets built in aluminum plate, easily remove the printing surface from aluminum plate; The printing surface is combined from spring steel and PEI sheet, they are flexible, as a result, removing prints from the printing surface is pretty easy.

Supper quiet: We choose TMC2208 as stepper motor driver and quite fans, which dramatically decreases the noise and improve the printing quality as well. The average operational noise is 49dBA, working aside the 3D printer is not only a dream.

Assembly finished within 10 minutes: The base and gantry of this 3D printer have been pre-assembled, what you need to do is put those two parts together and wire a few interfaces.

Large Volume and high quality: The printing volume is 300*300*400mm, with carefully-selected components, after 3 steps installation, the printer will printing pretty well, almost no need to calibrate.

Power failure protection: Built-in supper capacitor and circuit designing, main board will store the height value of Z-axis after powered off. As a result, the printer can resume the print when the power is on again.

Compatible with Auto-leveling sensors: With pre-designed interface for BL-touch and proximity switch, update Eryone Thinker to auto-leveling function is relatively easy.


Shenzhen Eryone technology Co,. Ltd is a startup company established in June 2018, Eryone is devoted itself to make 3d printer is access to everyone and everywhere. With elegant appearance designing, carefully-selected components, preciously manufacturing, Eryone Thinker will work pretty good after slightly calibration, easy and professional.


Print technology: Fused Deposition Modeling

Build Volume: 300 x 300 x 400mm

Printing Precision: 0.05mm

Positioning precision: 12.5 μm / 12.5μm / 2.5μm

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Printing Speed: 60-120mm/s  

Travel speed: 30-200mm/s  


Supported Software: Repetier-Host, Cura, simplify 3D

File types: STL

Supported OS: Windows / Mac / Linux


Nozzle temperature: Max 260℃

Heat bed temperature: Max 110℃  


AC Input: 100-240V  

DC Output: 24V/20.84A

Connectivity: Stand-alone SD card printing

Physical dimensions

Desktop space: 510*415*625mm

Shipping dimension: 660 x 580 x 256mm

Weight: 16kg

Shipping weight: 16kg


Average operational noise: 49dBA


1 x 3D printer Thinker

1 x tool kit

1 x 8 GB SD card

1 x 10 meters