Printer freezes after 4-6 hours on long prints

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Printer freezes after 4-6 hours on long prints

Post by seblev » Wed Feb 17, 2021 11:13 am


I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this and might know the fix. I have the ER-20 and have it all set up. I've done a few test prints and smaller prints with no issues, but when I now try to do longer prints ( 4+ hours ) I run a chance for the printer to suddenly freeze. The hot end and bed remain hot, but the motors stop and the LCD screen is stuck on the same frozen screen. I basically have to power it off to restart it all.

When I restart it, it seems to remember where it was during the failure and I can continue the print, but it is usually off by a couple steps on the X/Y motors. Also the Hot end stays on when it freezes so if I don't catch it or walk away for a bit, it melts the area it stops at, ruining the print.

I've tried to find others with a similar issue, and the one forum that mentioned vary similar problems noticed that the Voltage to the controller was not correct. They were using an Arduino board I believe though, so I can't figure out if I have the same issue.

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Re: Printer freezes after 4-6 hours on long prints

Post by William » Fri Feb 19, 2021 11:50 pm

Hi, I think you should check the sd card. It looks like the sd card crash then it causes this problem.
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Re: Printer freezes after 4-6 hours on long prints

Post by Dawood » Wed Mar 03, 2021 9:45 am

Do you hear any sound when the printer freeze? like beeping continuously.
If there is a beep sound you may have to check the connections to the hotend. Replug thermistor and heat cartridge, make sure they have a good connection, check the cables connected in the small extension board (near to the extruder). Replug the bed heating cables connected to the motherboard also the cables to the motors.
Another possibility is the two wires of the heat cartridge cable may have metal strands exposed near to the heat cartridge and touching each other due to pressure. Try to check the wires, if exposed, cover them with plastic that is around the wires. Also, try to make the heating wires a bit loose in the hotend so that there is no possibility of touching.
If the issue is still there, kindly share some more details, video links will be more better

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