Brought printer as gift, need a step by step guide to give them.

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Brought printer as gift, need a step by step guide to give them.

Post by Imblek » Tue Dec 01, 2020 9:01 pm

Hello, my partner has always had a mild interest in 3D printers, not knowing what to get them I got them the Eryone 3D Printer Thinker SE.

I don't know anything about them and nor do they, So i am pretty much figuring out how it works without unboxing it or downloading anything so when I give it they don't have to do what I'm doing now.

I've already found them several video's on building and putting it together that pretty much show it from out the box to finish. I'm also after a step by step guide for the two processes of
1. Creating something themselves, what programs to use, how to then make that file compatible with the 3d printer, and then printing it, knowing what filament to use etc etc...
2. Where to download other peoples creations and how to convert those files into being compatible with this printer, so if they can't get the hang of designing things themselves they can at least print what other people share online.

Sorry if these questions sound stupid, I find so many different websites and have so many questions and obviously with it being a gift I wan't to make sure what information I pass on is correct without actually being able to test it for myself.

Also one more question, I did not know what filament to get when buying it, I know it comes with a small amount for testing, I did get them a spool of the marble effect one of the Eryone brand, what other filaments would you suggset? or what would be a good affordable basic one for a noob to practise with?


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Re: Brought printer as gift, need a step by step guide to give them.

Post by William » Wed Dec 02, 2020 4:29 pm

For users who are new to THINKER SE:

First of all, thank you for choosing our products. Of course, you will definitely be nervous and confused at this moment, but with some excitement. It's normal to have such emotions when you enter a new field. However, I want to tell you seriously: I have taken an important step, regardless of others, it is a step of success that belongs to you alone. In the future journey of 3D printing, you will experience many successes or failed things. But the most important thing is not to give up one thing easily unless you find something more worthwhile for you to do.

Okay, so much has been said. Then I start to answer your question:
Q1: Creating the gcode use which software
A1: You can choose the Prusa slic3r as your first slicer software

Q2: How to make the file compatible with the printer
A2: The forum has a post prepared for it. So you can go to this link then download. Just need to import the profile then you can use the almost perfect slice setting.
viewtopic.php?f=9&t=179&sid=6bf3cb62f22 ... 859f6863e6

Q3: Which type the filament you need to use
A3: The printer came with the PLA test filament. You just need to put it on the filament spool holder then insert it into the PTFE tube and start the printing.

Q4: Where to get the model file?
A4: Here are some link that can help you:
If you want to create a simple 3d model, then you can go to this link then create it(If you have experience with lego then it will be very easy)

Q5: Which type of filament will come with the printer? How much weight it has?
A5: Answered at Q3. The weight is about ~30g/~10m. It can only support you to print a simple test gcode.

Q6: Which type of filament is most friendly to the user?
A6: I think the standard PLA is a good choice. Maybe it is not very shining. But it will be easy to get good quality from the new user.

At last, I need to say:
The learning progress is not simple. But we have a community for this and welcome to join us(Recommend to join because when you have a problem, we can saw your post and try to help you):
## To be friendly and stay humble
- Pride and ignorance are eternal enemies

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