【FAQ LCD】Upload failed, stk500_v2

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【FAQ LCD】Upload failed, stk500_v2

Post by William » Mon Sep 14, 2020 3:50 pm

Upload firmware failed, Stk500_v2 Problem fixed

If your printer exists the firmware failed but the USB connection works then you can refer to this post:
Details of it:
1. You can control the printer, preheat and movement is ok
2. When you tried to upload the firmware, refer to this video
But you found an error with it, you will get the "Stk500_v2"

Why this happen?
1. One resistance of LCD can cause this problem: It will pull up the electric level but the firmware upload requires the pull-down electric level.
How to fix it? Refer to my pic then cut this line then all be fine. Need to point out: Care about another line and don't damage it because they are close
LCD_REST FIX.png (1.18 MiB) Viewed 1559 times
2. After I cut this line:
All be fine, control ok, and upload firmware ok. So I think if you are using the pi. It requires your board to reset then connect.
Hope this solution can help you.

If you don't use this solution, you can remove the LCD cables off then upload the firmware. And when you finished the firmware upload, you can plug the LCD cable back to its port. Because we don't need to upload firmware often, we can do this when we want to upload firmware only.
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