[FAQ Thinker] Leveling Your Heatbed

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[FAQ Thinker] Leveling Your Heatbed

Post by Eryone » Mon Sep 16, 2019 11:06 am

Leveling Your Heatbed
1.Manual leveling
1)Ensure the distance between the nozzle and heated bed more than 5mm
If the nozzle hit the heated bed, you can refer to these steps:
Click LCD buttom>Prepare>Move Z-axis

2)Click LCD buttom>Prepare>Auto home

3)There are two way to leveling your heated bed

The first one is: Click LCD buttom>Prepare>Disable the stepper>
Move the hotend to 4 corners of the heated bed with your hands

The second one is: Click LCD buttom>Prepare>Level bed
You can choose the way you like.

4)Adjust the knob of the heated bed

Check this pic to tuning your heated bed leveling
Level.jpg (26.85 KiB) Viewed 5929 times

1. The default eryone thinker 3d printer doesn't inculded bltouch/Npn sensor.
If you want to use the auto-leveling, you need to purchase the bltouch/npn sensor.
2. Recommend the thinker se user use the bltouch/3dtouch as the abl sensor

Bltouch V3.1 with thinker series
(Thinker V1 | Thinker V2(Thinker S2.0/2.0 and thinker SE))
Tutorial guide:

Update: New firmware for the Thinker V1 | Thinker V2(Thinker S2.0/2.0 and thinker SE) 2020/9/18

If you don't know how to upload the firmware to your printer, please refer to this link:

Bltouch V3.1 mount plate stl file:

Thinker V2(Thinker S2.0/2.0 and thinker SE)

Thinker V1:
Eryone thinker bltouchV3.1 plate.zip
(10.17 KiB) Downloaded 318 times

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