design programs, gcode & stl files

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design programs, gcode & stl files

Post by family5learns » Sat May 23, 2020 8:29 am

Hi! Our family is very new to 3D printing and we are eager to get started! We learned a little about design on a program called Tinkercad... anyone know if it's possible to print from that program on the Eryone SE? We are finding it hard to come by designs or what program to use that make gcode files. STL seems more common? Or is that convertible to gcode? We would appreciate any advice! Feeling in a little over our heads and eager to make some things other than the test files provided!

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Re: design programs, gcode & stl files

Post by William » Sat May 23, 2020 11:37 am


I am using the tinkercad also, it is easy to use and I love it. I can use the Creo also but I would say it is friendly for the newcomer to 3d.

It is easy to convert the stl to the gcode, we called it "slice"

1. You can choose the Cura or prusa slic3r as the slice software
Then try to refer to this post and import the profile of the printer

2. You should adjust the object you import before so it is fit for printing.
The youtube has the guide for it. You can easy to find the guide, just search "Cura user guide" then you can learn how to use the Cura

3. Print the object you create, the actual may have a little different. So you need to celebrate the printer
It is the estep, step of X/Y. Also, you can find out the user guide at youtube.


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