How to add the bltouch to thinker V2

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How to add the bltouch to thinker V2

Post by William » Tue Mar 17, 2020 1:38 pm

How to add the bltouch to thinker V2
This guide will show you how to add the bltouch to thinker V2
Download the pdf:
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1. Marlin 2.0 firmware for Eryone thinker s2.0(thinkerV2 board)
2. Print the Bltouch plate and mount it to the hotend
3. Tool kit
4. Your PC/Laptop
5. Bltouch V3.0/3.1(If you use the Bltouch v2.0 then you need to adjust the Bltouch plate size then print it)

1. Print the Bltouch V3.0/3.1 plate
Here is the link of the plate:

2. Mount the plate to the hotend and remove the z-axis endstop parts off
The attachment 1.jpg is no longer available
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2.png (890.74 KiB) Viewed 229 times
3. Flash the firmware to the printer
Refer to this video then you will know how to flash it

4. When you finished firmware flash, you need to test the BltouchV3.0/3.1
works normal or not
Then click these menu and check the Bltouch work status is ok
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5. Set the correct z probe offset and store it to the printer
1) Click auto home
2) When the auto home finished. You can see the LCD shows “Z10”
3) You need to control the Z axis move down to 0
4) Measure the distance between the nozzle and heated bed
5) Click LCD button→Configuration→Probe Z offset
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6.png (1.72 MiB) Viewed 229 times
7.jpg (86.64 KiB) Viewed 229 times

6. Check the z probe offset value and tune it again. Until the distance of the Bltouch and heated bed is perfect: A layer of the A4 paper. (This step will affect the first layer of the printing and it is important)

7. If you want to get more details of the probe values. You can use the PC/Laptop connect it to the printer then use the G29 gcode to get it.
Refer to this link to get more details of the G29 gcode:

8. Add the G29 gcode at the start gcode
Done! Enjoy it!

If you have any questions, please let us know:
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By Tom

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