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Welcome note and must-know for Eryone Forum members.
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Forum Rules

Post by Eryone » Sat May 11, 2019 10:35 am

In order to create a more comfortable discussion environment for forum members.
We have to make some rules,
Mutual respect. Every member should respect each other, which is a prerequisite for mutual discussion. This is like a "mirror". If you don't respect others, we can only tell you with regret: Please leaves this forum!
Don't post these content: violence, pornography, politics and other content that is not technically relevant.
Please read the announcement post carefully. This will help you find the solution to your problem quickly.
About post.
1) You should describe the details of the problem as much as possible, such as the hardware model (printer model, version of your controller board), software version, duration of use, etc. This will help other members to help you judge the issue.

2) Please check the section you are currently in. Please do not post in the wrong section. If you are in doubt, please pm to the moderator or administrator.

3) Please do not post harmful, meaningless content: such as spam sites, risk sites and porn sites. The management group deleted immediately. And the management group will ban this member. For members who post these content multiple times, we will do this: Delete the account.

4) If you have a complaint about Eryone, please contact the official Eryone staff. Don't post repeatedly, this will prevent other members from reading the forum information. If you want your problem to be resolved as soon as possible, we recommend that you join Eryone's official facebook group.

5) Do not add to existing topics. Create a new thread even if your problem seems to be very similar to the existing one.

6) If you are a new user and have just purchased a printer. You certainly have many questions.
If you want to present your problem, write what you have already done. You can present topics that you have read about.
There are many solutions to basic problems in this forum. So don't ask for the solution presented here.
If you violate the above rules, the management team will take the corresponding action.
This forum brings together members from all over the world, so be kind and write in English. This will make it much simpler and easier to search the content.
Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning. Repeated violations of the rules will exclude you from this group of users. If you violate the rules of culture you will behave in a reprehensible way, your internet service provider will be notified.
The board administrator and moderators reserve the right to delete content and change it in justified cases

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