[User Manual] Eryone Magnetic Flexible Steel Plate User Guide

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[User Manual] Eryone Magnetic Flexible Steel Plate User Guide

Post by Eryone » Wed Aug 28, 2019 5:12 pm

Eryone Magnetic Flexible Steel Plate User Guide V1
1. When you reviewed the package of the Magnetic Flexible Steel Plate, please check the
Magnetic Flexible Steel Plate is in good condition, no damage.
If you find Magnetic Flexible Steel Plate damage please contact the sales for replacement.

2. Please assemble and use it in strict accordance with the manual. If you do not refer to the manual, caused the product damaged we won't responsible for it.

PEI 4.jpg
PEI 4.jpg (102.59 KiB) Viewed 5244 times
PEI 2.jpg
PEI 2.jpg (45.62 KiB) Viewed 5244 times
PEI 3.jpg
PEI 3.jpg (51.54 KiB) Viewed 5244 times


Filament Support: PLA, ABS,PETG,WOOD,TPU,etc
Operating temperature: -40℃~108℃
Component: PEI Surface, Flexible Plate,Magnetic Base

Assembly Guide
1. Power on your 3d printer at first, control it auto home and let Z axis raise 30mm

2. Remove the default print platform surface of your 3d printer. Use the soft cloth clean your
aluminum surface and confirm it is clean.

3. Assembly the bottom plate part to your aluminum surface plate
And tuning its area until all area is level.

4. Assembly the PEI sheet and tuning it

5. Re-level your heat bed

You can refer to the pictures then assembly it:
PEI 5.jpg
PEI 5.jpg (143.33 KiB) Viewed 5244 times

Recommend heatbed temperature:
PLA: 50~65℃
PETG: 75~85℃
ABS: 90~105℃
TPU: No need/50℃

Q1: When I finished assembly, I’ve found the center area is higher/lower than other area
A1: First, you need to check aluminum or the bottom plate surface is clean. If you find something (Maybe the broken filament, etc) is on here, please remove it off.
Second, check your aluminum plate is level. If you find it is bent then you try to:
Use the tape stick between the PEI sheet and bottom plate
Q2: My PEI sheet seems dirty, can I use anything clean? How?
A2: First, we confirm that you can clean it. Here are the steps:
1. Prepare 1 button of 95% concentration (Or higher) medical alcohol and a piece of soft
2. Power on your 3d printer and control Z axis auto home and raise 30mm
3. Pour the alcohol on soft cloth then wipe the PEI sheet fast, a few times later then your
PEI is clean and nice.
Q3: What’s the PEI sheet operating temperature?
A3: The PEI sheet operating temperature is-40℃~108℃
Q4: If I want to print PETG. Dose it supports? How I do?
A4: PEI sheet support PETG filament. If you want to print this type filament, please refer these:
1. PETG filament requires the heat bed temp up to 75~85℃
2. Check your slice profiles. You need to increase the first layer height values:0.05~0.1mm
(Based on PLA first layer setting). If you won’t do this then your PEI sheet surface may
be damaged. When you back to PLA filament, the PLA filament can’t stick to the PEI
Q5: My PEI sheet surface has so many nicks, why?
A5: You need to confirm your heatbed leveling is normal. If your nozzle is too low then your
PEI sheet may be damaged. It can’t be repaired. So, we suggest you confirm your heatbed is leveled before print.

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