Eryone Ultra Low Odor Resin-Black

Price: 21.99USD


Very Safe resin, Super Low odor: we select high quality material and self-developed formula to largely reduce resin smell, So no VOCs, no harmful chemicals, ROHS certified and owns SDS, No skin allergy reaction occurs with small amount of contact, aimed for educational use and 3d printing hobbyists.

-Color Mixing available -Have you ever imagined creating new resin colors? Eryone color blending resin series makes this happen. New color can be created with 2 or 3 resins of different colors by certain proportions, such as 90% Yellow and 10% Magenta create orange, white can be added to get lighter, Transparent resin can be added to adjust transparency, No need to change printing time, and the surface finish is also great.

-High Precision, Low Shrinkage The surface finish of final prints is of high detail, smooth, low deformation rate, good for printing precision components, it also has good hardness with proper tenacity, not easy to break, temperature resistant,too.

-High Print Quality, Vibrant Colors: The overall appearance of final prints is excellent, vibrant and stunning color.

-Wide Compatibility: Sensitive to 355nm~405nm UV light. Compatible with Most LCD/DLP 3D printers.



Bottom Exposure:20-100s

Normal Exposure:2-8s

Hardness:  82-88D


Viscosity (25°C): 150-300 mPa.s

Liquid Density:1.05-1.25g/cm³

Solid Density: 1.11-1.28 g/cm³

Flexure Strength: 59-70MPa Mpa

Elongation at Break: 4-10%

Capacity: 500g

Recommended temperature:25°C-30