Eryone Gray TPU Filament 1.75mm, For 3D Printer, 0.5kg/ Spool

Price: $45



1. Temp: 200-220℃ for hot end, room temp for hot bed or 60-80℃. Printing speed: 25-30mm/s.
2. Durable and stretchable material that also has high flexibility, it resumes its initial shape after being stretched.
3. With correct settings, TPU is easier than PLA to be attached to a heated bed due to its excellent adhesive properties.
4. Compatible with most FDM 3D prints on the market, make sure the extruder's tension is adjustable before using TPU.
5. Eco-friendly,UV resistant (anti-oxigen). Suitable for printing flexible appliances such as mobile phone cases, shoes, children's toys, etc.
Good to Know
1. If you are going to leave your printer inactive for a long time, please retract the filament to protect your printer nozzle.
2. In order to extend the life of your filament, please store it in a dry, sealed bag or box. Preferably, add a packet of Silca Gel to absorb any excess moisture.
3. When storing your filament, please insert the loose end through the holes on the edge of the filament reel to avoid winding, so that it feeds properly when you use it next time.


Diameter: 1.75mm
Tolerance: ± 0.05mm
Print Temperature: 200-220℃
Recommended Printing Temperature: 200-220℃
Recommended Print Speed: 25-30mm/s

Net Weight: 0.5kg/spool
Gross weight: 0.8kg/spool