Eryone Thinker SE Quiet 3D Printer Removable Printing Surface with Resume Print

Price: $449.99


  • Super quiet: Eryone 2560 Mother Board with TMC2208 V1.2 stepper motor driver and quite fans.
  • Glass heated bed surface build.
  • Large volume and high quality: The printing volume is 300*300*400mm, with carefully-selected components. After 3 steps assembly, the printer can print pretty well, almost no need to calibrate.
  • Power failure resume feature: Built-in supercapacitor and circuit designing, the mainboard will store the height value of Z-axis when the power off. When the power system resume, the printer can resume the print.
  • Compatible with Auto-leveling sensors: With pre-designed interface for BL-touch and proximity switch, update Eryone Thinker S firmware to enable the auto-leveling function is easily.


Print technology Fused Deposition Modeling 

Build Volume 300mm x 300mm x 400mm
Printing Precision 0.05mm
Positioning precision  1.75mm 

Filament diameter 12.5 μm / 12.5μm / 2.5μm
Default Nozzle diameter Printing Speed 0.4mm 30mm/s~145mm/s