ER-20 3D Printer

Discount: $300

Price: $360

The new version of the 3d printer: ER-20. We will release it at September.


Eryone 32 bit motherboard
The Eryone ER-20 3d printer use the 32bit chip: STM32F103. The 32 bit advantage:

Speed – 

8-bit controllers slow down the hotend dramatically when calculating curves and arcs.

Resolution – 
slicers will compensate for slow and complex calculations by reducing resolution, so as not to introduce overextrusion and zits.

Acceleration –
appropriate centripetal/radial acceleration cannot be appropriately calculated, introducing a multitude of issues on curves and small segments, including a “lowest common denominator” default speed of 40mm/s or less on complex perimeters.

Print Quality –
better motion planning on a higher-speed processor can product better quality prints, faster.

Sensorless homing:
Our new motherboard built-in the TMC2209 stepper motor driver. With the function of the stallguard, the TMC2209 support the sensorless homing.
Without the limited switch, less deviation and more stable.

Built-in auto leveling sensor 
The ER-20 3d printer built-in the ery sensor. We use the new design for the ER-20, no spring and bed adjust knob. 
Becuase of this design, reduced the deviation of the bed leveling. Then the ery sensor can work more stable and the bed level is super easy and give you the perfect first layer.

Super quiet:
We choose TMC2209 as stepper motor driver and quite fans but powerful which dramatically decreases the noise and improve the printing quality as well. 
The average operational noise is 49dBA, enjoy your coffee aside the 3D printer is not only a dream. 

Assembly finished within 10 minutes: 
The base and gantry of this 3D printer have been pre-assembled, what you need to do is put those two parts together 
and wire a few interfaces.


Power failure resume feature: 
Built-in supercapacitor and circuit designing, the mainboard will store the height value of Z-axis when the power off. 
When the power system resume, the printer can resume the print.


Printer and printing properties
Print technology: Fused Filament Fabrication(FDM)
Build volume: 250x220x200mm
Print precision: 0.05mm
X, Y, Z accuracy: 12.5 μm / 12.5μm / 2.5μm
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Default nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Print speed:40-70mm/s
Filament support: PLA, PETG, TPU,etc
Average operating sound:~49dBA

Slicer software support: Cura, Simpfily3D, Pursa slic3r, Repetier-host, etc
Print file type: *.GCO, *.GCODE
Supported OS: WIN/MAC/Linux
Firmware type: Marlin(Open Source)
File transfer: USB print/Stand-alone SD card print

Power supply unit input: 100~135V/200V~264V 6A   50~60HZ
Power supply unit output: 24V/14.5A, 350W
Standby power: ~15W

Physical dimensions
Desktop space: 396x446x449mm
Shipping dimension: 575x540x240mm
Nett weight: 8kg
Shipping weight: 12.5kg

Nozzle max temperature: 250℃/482℉
Heated bed max temperature: 100℃/210℉
Nozzle heating time(25~180℃/77~356℉):~1min
Heated bed heating time(25~60℃/77~140℉):3min

Environmental conditions
Operating environment: 10~32℃/50~89.6℉
Non-operating environment: 0~32℃/32~89.6℉


1. ■ Print layer shift
Usually caused by  the step loss of the stepping motor, which may be caused by the following circumstances: 1. The acceleration and speed options in the section parameters are not set properly 2. If the belt is too loose/too tight, the synchronous wheel cannot grab the belt. If the belt is too tight, the friction force will be too high, exceeding the endurance force. of the motor. 3. Please check if any foreign matter has collided with the hot bed or nozzle.
2. ■Nozzle clogging
Nozzle clogging is a common problem in FDM printing, which can be caused by many reasons. We give several common solutions 1. The use of poor quality pla consumables, poor quality pla impurities more, it is easy to clog the nozzle. 2. Check whether the tip of the nozzle is damaged. If the nozzle hits the hot bed, the nozzle will be damaged, 3. Check the teflon tube regularly. The tube will age if used for a long time. The simple treatment is to pull it out and replace it (you can also cut off the aged part of the tube).Notice that when you have finished cleaning, re-insert it into the bottom of the hot end. 4. change the nozzle