Eryone Maflex Magnetic Flexible Heated Bed with Sticker310*310mm Transparent PEI

Price: $55



  • 1.Compatible with heated beds of all FDM 3D printers.
  • 2.Filaments stick easily onto the surface of this build surface, easy to take off prints from upgraded magnetic flexible build surface and easy to clean up it.
  • 3.High quality stainless steel - ensure flexible, easy to take off and clean up; High quality magnetic material - ensure the build surface compatible with all FDM 3D printers heated beds.
  • 4.Magnetic material with pre-packed 3M adhesive, so it's easy to get your bed perfectly flat before installing the upgrade magnetic flexible build surface.
  • 5.Choose the correct size for your printer: 310x310x2MM, 235x235x2MM, 220x220x2MM, 165x165x2MM available.



Size: 310*310*2mm

Our Flexible Build Surface are made from high quality spring steel that won't kink or warp when you flex them, they just return back to shape!

Our magnets and films have all been formulated to resist over 130℃ / 226℃ so you can heat your bed to high temps for specialty filaments and not worry about loss of performance.

Simply take off the Build Surface from the hot bed plate Magnetic Base on your 3D printer when the print is finished and flex slightly to pop your print right off!